How physiotherapy is helping Kalpaga get back to normal

Kalpaga is four years old. She was born with a severe intellectual disability, so her parents gave her up to the Cradle Baby Center in Dharmapuri. She was sent from institution to institution before finally landing up at Sri Arunodayam. Her physical and social development was severely delayed and she needed constant supervision.Physiotheraphy is transforming her life – she can now stand and walk on her own, and her hand-eye coordination has improved tremendously. At long last, she is beginning to learn to enjoy life!


How the rehabilitation process is making Arul more self-reliant

Arul was abandoned at Thiagarayar Nagar bus stand, Chennai. His family had packed a bag containing his clothes, which they left behind along with him. He has cerebral  palsy and severe intellectual disability. He was completely bedridden, incoherent, and unable to use his hands.Working the program, he is now partially dependant. He can crawl, indicate his needs, feed himself, and speak clearly. He can recite 5 Thirukurals and is making good progress.


How physiotherapy changed life for Sai Lakshmi

Sai Lakshmi is 2 ½ years old. She came to us when she was just two months old. She is mildly retarded, with developmental delay, hemiplegia, and has a tumor on her brain stem.She had no head control, was very tiny and  fragile, her muscles were flaccid and she could only lie in bed and do nothing else. She also had tuberculosis (of which she is now cured). Regular physiotherapy has almost completely changed her. Swiss ball exercises helped her gain head control and the therapist is working to strengthen her hip and abdomen muscles. She can now sit for long periods and even walk with a baby walker!


How special education helped Sophia

Sophia is now seven years old. She came to us when she was ony three. She is moderately challenged.
When she was admitted, she could only sit, and drink liquids. She did not know how to eat solid food, speak, or indicate her needs. With special education she can now  eat, stand, walk, climb the stairs, dress herself up, speak,  and even write! She is in the Primary Group.

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