Chennai Flood Relief Operations 2015

What happened in Chennai at the end of 2015 was truly apocalyptic! No one could have foreseen a calamity of such proportions – at least, in our lifetime. But there it was, and we just could not ignore it. Little did we know that we were embarking on a long journey of relief work that went well beyond the care of our own children at Sri Arunodayam. Using Social Media, we reached out to a global audience and garnered resources in a very short time! (The entire operation is captured on our Facebook page.)

And this is what happened…

  • We put those funds to good use, preparing and distributing hot meals, drinking water, home provision kits, mats, bedsheets, blankets, clothes, and school kits for children
  • Our home became a networking hub as Good Shepherd Convent, Nungambakkam and a stream of volunteers joined in
  • Though we started small, the work grew into a gigantic operation, so efficiently handled by the team, that the Commissioner of the Corporation of Chennai invited Iyyappan – our Founder and Managing Trustee, and the Chennai Rain Relief 2015 team to make a presentation during the Corporation’s Zonal Officers’ Meeting on the 27th November 2015
  • Impressed by Sri Arunodayam’s work, the US Consulate arranged a panel discussion on how to effectively crowdsource through social media, and Iyyappan was invited to share his experience with the audience.

Between November 14, 2015 and January 5, 2016 Sri Arunodayam’s Team prepared and distributed....

For a complete report on our relief operations, click here.

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