There are many programs to sponsor and many ways to do it!

We have a “Repair, Reuse and Recycle” policy, where we accept donations in cash or kind – vehicles, furniture,  household gadgets, vessels, equipment and just about anything else you care to contribute, which could make life easier for our children. Nothing is wasted.

Here are some sponsorship packages to choose from. Or you may want to give us a one-time gift of any amount, which will be much appreciated.

Please also visit our Wish Tree page! We asked the children what they wanted to have the most. Their requests are up on this tree awaiting kind donors.

For 113 children

If you wish to make an online payment, click the “Donate” tab at the bottom of each item, but if you wish to donate through traditional channels, click here.

Sponsor a Meal

One of the easiest things to do is to feed a deserving person. And it doesn’t take much effort to accomplish because we can make it happen!

Sponsor Vegetarian Meals for an Entire Day

Why not celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries and other special days with our children by sponsoring their meals for an entire day?

[Rs. 12000/-]

Sponsor Vegetables for a Day

Children need a healthy, high fibre diet that keeps their digestive systems functioning well. When digestion is good there is better overall health.

[Rs. 1500/-]

Sponsor an Evening Snack

They are children afterall and love to nibble on snacks (especially during the long break between lunch and dinner). Make it a healthy one for them!

[Rs. 1500/-]

Sponsor a Cup of Milk a Day

Milk is so essential for children to build healthy teeth, bones and immunity. It’s a primary food that no child should be deprived of.

[Rs. 1000/-]

Sponsor a Monthly Recreational Outing

All children love holidays and picnics. Your gift will ensure that our children are taken out on a picnic once every month!

[Rs. 10000/-]

A One-Time Donation towards Child Welfare

By now, you know all about our children. You also know all that we are doing to make them stay healthy and happy. You could pick from the sponsorship options alongside or consider giving a one-time gift.

For a Child

If you wish to make an online payment, click the “Donate” tab at the bottom of each item, but if you wish to donate through traditional channels, click here.

Sponsor School Books

Although ‘special’, our children have the right to a good education. We want to integrate them into society one day, for which they attend special school every day.
(Included in this kit: a drawing book, a story book, a rhymes book)

[Rs. 650/-]

Sponsor a School Bag

We’ve successfully mainstreamed children who attend regular school outside our home. Each quarter they appeal for school bags to carry their books, snacks and age appropriate stationery.

[Rs. 600/-]

Sponsor a School Uniform

Children going out to regular school need quality uniforms to last a whole year. They take pride in their appearance and love to dress smartly. With material and stitching costs on the rise, please consider this option.

[Rs. 1500/-]

Sponsor School Stationery

Children learn a lot through drawing and color. We tend to run out of color pencils and crayons very quickly as they use these materials far more often than other stationery.
(Included in this kit: 6 note books, a box of color pencils, a box of pencils, a box of ballpoint pens, erasers)

[Rs. 900/-]

Sponsor Teaching Aids

Teaching aids are essential for ‘special’ children. They make abstract ideas concrete, and help in developing interactive skills (especially for slow learners), thus making learning more effective.
(Included in this kit: alphabet & numeric peg boards, puzzles, building blocks, and a set of 100 medium sized beads)

[Rs. 2500/-]

Living Expenses for a Month

You could choose to focus on a single child and contribute towards its living expenses – food, clothing, and special education – which will be taken care of for a month, with this package.

[Rs. 3000/-]

Sponsor a Dress

Children love to dress up! It makes them feel special. On a child’s birthday, sponsor a new dress and make him or her happy!

[Rs. 1000/-]

Diapers for a Month

This is a very critical need. We have over 35 children who have to use diapers. Keeping them scrupulously clean will help them stay heathy. Consider sponsoring this essential need.

[Rs. 1000/-]

Special Education Training for a Month

You can help a child learn a new skill! By sponsoring this package you are enabling a child become more self-reliant, which is crucial to its rehabilitation and development.

[Rs. 1000/-]

Psychiatric Medicines for a Month

Many of our children have Down’s Syndrome, and others suffer with epilepsy, fits and convulsions. They need life-saving medications! Do consider contributing towards this essential cause.

[Rs. 1000/-]

Physiotherapy Treatment for the Month

It is essential that children like ours get physiotherapy everyday. The more the workouts, the better the chances of them becoming more mobile and self-reliant. Help a child get independent quickly.

[Rs. 1000/-]

Sponsor an Annual Checkup

By virtue of their disabilities, some of our children have to be frequently screened to ensure that potentially fatal illnesses can be detected in time. By sponsoring an annual checkup for a child, you are helping save a life!

[Rs. 3000/-]

Corpus Fund

Transform lives today by donating to our Corpus Fund

Running an NGO is no easy matter – especially one like ours that provides life-long care and support to abandoned children with intellectual disabilities. While day care centers have the backing of parents, we do not have this support structure and must rely solely on Government funding and the generosity of corporate and individual donors to keep our organization running. Yet, together we have transformed the lives of hundreds of abandoned children —and now, you have the opportunity to do the same!

To strengthen our financial resilience in times of crisis, we have established this fund. By donating to it, you ensure that funds essential for the existence and sustenance of the organisation are available in critical times of need. In essence, these children will have a permanent home (with your help) no matter how desperate times may get. You now have the power in your hands to ensure that we continue to safeguard them while reaching out to more abandoned children, making the world a safer and better place for them.

For more information on this fund, contact: iyyappan@sriarunodayam.org

Choose the Amount

Corpus Fund Poster

Special Projects

Donations towards Special Projects cannot be made online. Please visit the Donate page for details on how to pay through other channels.

Sponsor a Physiotherapist

The situation:

In an organization like ours, the more physiotherapists we have, the better. Physiotherapy is one of our most crucial rehabilitation tools, without which, our children have no chance of getting back on their feet and becoming self-reliant. The ideal ratio is 1:5, i.e. 1 physiotherapist to 5 children in a day’s treatment. This ensures that the child receives adequate personal attention. 30 of our children require daily physiotheraphy, but with just two therapists, the going is slow.

How you can help:

By sponsoring a physiotherapist’s salary for a month, or a year, we can get more professionals to help with our child development program. This translates to:

  • Less interruption to a child’s development regimen
  • More personalized attention
  • Quicker rehabilitation and self-reliance

[Required: Rs. 15,000/-]

Sponsor a Speech Therapist

The situation:

Mentally challenged children have special need of a speech therapist. They need to be able to converse and relate to people around them so that they don’t end up feeling isolated. But, the length of time spent in speech therapy depends on the severity of the problem and the frequency and consistency of therapy. Speech therapists are difficult to retain especially on minimal government funding. Besides, donors more often prefer to fund for basic amenities – food, clothing and shelter – rather than for sustainable programs such as this one.

How you can help:

By sponsoring a speech therapist’s salary for a month, or a year, you’ll be helping our children improve their ability to communicate with others and develop better social skills, which will increase their level of self-esteem and make them more self-reliant.

[Rs. 20,000/-]

Sponsor a Solar Water Heater

The situation:

You know that keeping children clean is no easy matter! They just love to frolic and play – the messier the better! Children will be children and that’s why they need their daily baths. But there’s another reason why we need a solar water heater. Many children suffer with convulsions and fits and it is essential that they bathe in warm water so that they don’t fall ill. At present, we heat water on a gas range for all 115 of them, which is both time-consuming and wasteful.

How you can help:

By sponsoring a solar water heater:

  • The children can have warm water for bathing – even multiple times a day, if required
  • You can help make bathing a comfortable experience for those suffering with epilepsy, convulsions and fits
  • You will help the home save on fuel which could be put to better use
  • You will help the home achieve sustainable green goals and become environment friendly

[Required: Rs. 60,000/- Cost Estimates will be produced]

Sponsor a Biogas Plant

The situation:

At present, organic residue from our centralized kitchen is disposed into a vermiculture project. In addition, we want to install a small Biogas plant which can produce clean fuel as a replacement for LPG and assist in our green goals. (Apparently, 200 kgs of organic waste can contribute one LPG cylinder daily!) If our organic residues can be sensibly utilised and not wasted, the home stands to gain on many fronts.

How you can help:

By sponsoring a small Biogas plant:

  • We can effectively recycle the home’s daily organic wastes into a clean fuel that could replace LPG and our dependence on it! This project would become economically feasible both for cooking and power generation.
  • Capturing biogas will help us reduce emissions from our organic waste (especially methane which is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide) and help us maintain a cleaner, greener environment
  • Biogas manure can replace the mineral fertiliser we sometimes need to use for our vegetable garden.
  • Long-term savings on this project will be ploughed back into more essential development projects for the children

[Required: Rs. 83,500/- Cost Estimates will be produced]

Sponsor Classroom Furniture

The situation:

Keeping a special child’s attention on school work can be quite challenging for a teacher. Many of our children have malformed limbs, decreased muscle tone, and a constant need for movement, which makes it tough for them to engage in learning. Quite often the solution is a simple one. In this case – customized classroom furniture is all it takes to minimize the disruption.

How you can help:

By sponsoring special education classroom furniture, you help the children in very important ways:

  • You help them improve their posture and muscle tone because good furniture allows for frequent postural adjustments which help strengthen their core abdominal and trunk muscles – which ultimately promotes motor control in using pencils, scissors and other classroom tools.
  • The furniture will allow them to burn off any excess energy through moving and adjusting themselves in a non-disruptive way. You are thus helping them become more attentive in class.
  • The more a child moves the better his/her overall health through increased circulation, which means more oxygen to the brain. This allows for improved focus and better knowledge retention.

[Required: Rs. 28,000/- Cost Estimates will be produced]

Sponsor Furniture for our Vocational Center

The situation:

Our vocational center is in need of good furniture (6 work benches and 25 chairs) designed to support an active lifestyle. Active or unsupported sitting helps increase core muscle and spine strength. Our youngsters spend many hours a day binding books, painting diyas, making candles, paper bags and jewellery. Active seating and work benches can encourage better posture and concentration. Presently they do much of the work on the floor.

How you can help:

By sponsoring active seating and work benches:

  • You provide them with opportunities for controlled movement which will help them focus and attend to tasks more comfortably.
  • You ensure their safety, help them reduce fatigue, improve their fine motor skill development, facilitate longer periods of concentration, improve their behavior and promote socializing. This allows them to overcome barriers and feel less isolated.
  • All these positive attributes allow them to achieve their highest learning potential!

[Required: Rs. 1,62,500/- Cost Estimates will be produced]

Sponsor Physiotherapy Equipment

The situation:

We are in need of highly specialized physiotherapy equipment. These include: (1) Interferential Therapy (IFT) – an effective therapy to relieve pain and accelerate the self-healing process. (2) An Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS) – which helps elicit muscle contraction using electric impulses. It is used as a strength training tool and a rehabilitation and preventive tool for partially or totally immobilized patients. (3) Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nurse Stimulator (TENS) – a nerve stimulator that uses electric current to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. (4) Ultrasound imaging equipment to identify target nerves (4) Splints and orthotics to help modify body structure imbalances.

How you can help:

By sponsoring such equipment, the children’s convalescence will become more bearable and pleasant. Stimulation equipment can help in blocking and managing pain while reducing the swelling and inflammation that causes pain. Pain is such an integral part of these children’s lives that anything we can do to help them overcome and return to normal is of critical importance. The benefits are not restricted to pain management alone, but can result in better blood circulation which will positively impact the immune system and the overall wellbeing of the children.

[Required: Rs. 57,000/- Cost Estimates will be produced]

Completed Projects

Sponsor a Cow

Sponsor Cerebral Palsy (CP) Chairs

Sponsor an Industrial-Grade Washing Machine

Sponsor an Electric Generator

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