A large number of donors and supporters of Sri Arunodayam are individuals. Impressed by the care and quality of the services rendered to the children, they continue to support us. A philanthropist, Mr. Pandian, donated 1.5 grounds of land to us to construct a home. Mr. Sauqet, a philanthropist from Spain donated the money to construct an 8000 sq ft facility for our children. Our boys reside there today.

There are many examples of people from various walks of life who chip in to support in their own unique way. You can think of your own way to make a difference!


Kokila, a 70 year old woman, collects rations from her neighbors and regularly donates them to us.


Each year, on her birthday, Nivedidyaa, a student from Velammal Vidyalaya School donates a part of her pocket money which she saves all-year-round!

Apart from individual donors,  a few Government and non-government agencies support us, such as the Department of Social Welfare, the Department of Social Defense, the Government of Tamil Nadu, Rangoonwala Foundation (India) Trust, Global Giving, Global Fund for Children, Give India, and Marc Sauquet Foundation. Some of these agencies provide direct funding support while others provide a platform for us to garner funds and resources.

Ways to raise funds


Dedicate your special days – birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days by getting your friends to support organizations like ours, in ways that they can – as a gift to you.


Organize an event – If you are in the business of organizing events frequently, you might want to consider donating a part of the proceeds to causes like ours.


Run, walk, swim, cycle in a race. This will help you raise awareness and support for causes like ours, and more people can get onboard as you become a committed ambassador.

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