A very big “Thank You” to all who helped us build this beautiful residential-cum-rehabilitation home for abandoned little girls with intellectual disabilities. A dream realized – all because of you!

We had a difficult time sourcing funds with the pandemic causing havoc, but this home was destined to be… and so you see it today, resounding with laughter and the patter of little feet.

It is said that real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles and that’s exactly the case with our children. They have all been abandoned by their families because they are intellectually disabled. They have been rejected, and don’t think for a moment that they don’t feel this pain. They do. Many of them are shunted around from home to home and they feel anxiety, panic, fear and every emotion that we experience but they are unable to express themselves. In addition to suffering emotionally, they must bear their mental and physical anomalies too. Big battles indeed for little ones to fight!

But now, they’re finally home!

And they know it. This home has been built with them in mind. It is child friendly and safe. It has a fully equipped medical center, physiotherapy and special education class rooms, water therapy pools, a vocational training center, dormitories, restrooms, a centralized kitchen/pantry and dining room, and a garden recreation space. It is situated on the shore of a small lake and has therefore been well fortified with deep foundations made of steel and reinforced concrete. We have spared no expense in the building of this home since it must stand the test of time.

Children without families are the most vulnerable people in the world and child abandonment has always been an issue in our country, even in pre-COVID days. That’s why Sri Arunodayam came into existence in 2002, to help alleviate this despicable societal practice by rescuing, rehabilitating, and defending the rights of abandoned children with intellectual disabilities who are unable to defend themselves. And now, with the devastating effects of COVID-19 on families and societies, the rate of abandonment is rising!

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Uma - Sriarunodayam


quoteupUma is 13 years old. She was found near Nedungavadi, Tiruvannamalai District. Uma lives with an intellectual disability and ADHD. quotedown

Annie - Sriarunodayam


quoteupAnnie was abandoned at Thoothukudi when she was 9 months old. She lives with cerebral palsy and, being bedridden, is completely dependent on others. quotedown

Sheela - Sriarunodayam


quoteupSheela is 11 years old. She was found in Adaikalapuram, Thoothukudi District. Sheela lives with an intellectual disability, ADHD, and spina bifida. quotedown

You’re welcome to visit anytime and see how your foster child is doing!


As a registered NGO, Sri Arunodayam relies entirely on donations from volunteer fundraisers, companies and individual sponsors.

Feed the entire orphanage for ONE DAY
INR 12,000/-

Sponsor Teaching Aids for a month
INR 2,500/-

Sponsor diapers for a child for a month
INR 1,000/-

Sponsor medicines for a child for a month
INR 1,000/-


Inauguration ceremony on February 26, 2022

Glimpses of the new home

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