15 incredible mothers were honored with a cash prize of INR 15,000/- each, and a special Lifetime pass to free services from Sri Arunodayam. This event commemorates our 15th year of service to abandoned intellectually disabled children.

Celebrating Mother’s Day – May 14, 2017 in a unique way, we honored 15 mothers of ‘special’ children for their incredible courage and steadfastness, and for not taking the easy way out by abandoning their children. The mothers received a cash award, and a lifetime of free services from Sri Arunodayam, in a ceremony held at New Woodlands Hotel, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai.

Mr. A J Suriyanarayana, the Director of Karur Vysya Bank was our Guest of Honor, and Dr. Sumitra Shanmugam, an eminent Gynecologist and the President of the Tamil Nadu Woman Doctors Association together with long-standing donors and benefactors gave away the award and a host of prizes to the 15 finalists.

Before the event, Dr. Sumitra (also the recipient of the Best Woman Doctor Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Dr. MGR Medical University) conducted a closed-door workshop for the Special Moms who were very happy to freely discuss female health issues with such eminent faculty. More workshops and sessions on new caregiving techniques, mental health, stress control, special education, and other hot topics are being scheduled by Sri Arunodayam for the finalists in the coming months.

The mothers, their special children and around 150 of their family members enjoyed a wonderful evening together with Sri Arunodayam staff and children, donors, benefactors and well-wishers. Each mother’s story, captured on film and presented at the time of the awards, moved the audience to tears as everyone present witnessed the true essence of motherhood that only comes to life through hardship. The struggles and the achievements of both the mothers and their children clearly showed them to be people of incredible positivity and strength.

Some of the mothers spoke of how people around them encouraged them to kill off or abandon their special children – a truly dark and disturbing trend that came to light, especially in a society perceived to be educated, God-fearing and culturally and morally sound.

During the event, Sri Arunodayam’s special children gave an exhilarating dance performance which left the audience awe-struck, and a well-known dance team performed on the most trending song of “Baahubali”. An exciting entertainment program followed in which all the special children participated and danced with gusto – clearly enjoying themselves! Typical Chennai South Indian meals followed for dinner, which was very tasty and much appreciated by all.

The mothers were pleasantly surprised and deeply appreciative of Sri Arunodayam’s Special Lifetime Pass which was gifted to them at the event. The Pass was carefully thought out to provide a lifetime of free services to each year’s finalists and their children. The promises Sri Arunodayam made to these mothers are:

  • That they will be given access to regular training programs and workshops with materials to help them learn more and advance in their caregiving abilities.
  • That they automatically become members of Sri Arunodayam’s Special Mom Forum – a project aimed at empowering them to share and advocate their issues at all levels of society, through collaboration with each other and with the help of the Forum. Such empowerment will help shape them into powerful agents of change against unjust and rigid societal mind-sets concerning the differently abled.
  • Understanding their anxiety concerning the future of their ‘special’ children on their demise, Sri Arunodayam is offering them the option to appoint us as custodian and official guardian of their ‘special’ children. We will network with peer organizations and enable a safe home for the children on their parent’s demise.

A longstanding dream of Iyyappan Subramaniyan – Sri Arunodayam’s Founder & Managing Trustee – the Special Mom Awards will be an annual event henceforth, as we quest applicants from across the country each year to pick the 15 most deserving mothers to honor for steadfast commitment to their ‘special’ children.

100% of the event was funded by a group of benefactors including Satyabhama University, La Renon Pharmaceutical Company, Lions Club of Golden Roses, Indeco Hotels, and Sri Arunodayam’s long-standing donors.

Hear it from our Special Moms

Jamuna is the mother of Vignesh, a 25 year old ‘special’ child. Jamuna has 3 children together with her fisherman husband, but Vignesh is their only ‘special’ one.

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Meenakshi is a 37 year old mother from Coimbatore. Her ‘special’ son Pradeepan was born in 2002 and never spoke a word for 3 years!

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Nagalakshmi is a 41 year old mother of twins Sivaraj and Nagaraj, both 16 years old. The children did not speak until they were 5 years old.

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Shankargomathy is a 51 year old mother of 2 special children – Ezhilarisi (17 years old) and Karankumar (15 years old). Her husband deserted her and her own family shunned her.

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Karpagam is a 54 year old mother of 3 children. Her third, 25 year old son is mentally and physically challenged and is completely dependent on her for all his personal needs.

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Hemalatha’s son Kathikeyan is 23 years old. He was a blue baby at birth and suffered with frequent bouts of fits. She decided to quit worrying about the situation and take specific action.

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Nagaraja Vellamal is a 37 year old mother of 2 special children. Her son developed cerebral palsy as a result of complications with the umbilical cord at birth. She was heartbroken.

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Nasim Banu is a 35 year old mother of twin girls. They are autistic.  Originally from Mumbai, they came down to Chennai just to enroll their children in a good special school.

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Valli is the 56 year old foster mother of Lakshmi, who is her sister’s daughter. Valli put Lakshmi (who is almost 40 years old) in NIEPMD special school where she is being vocationally trained.

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Amuda married her Uncle, as is the prevailing culture in the South, and as a result of the close bloodlines gave birth to a special child.  The child did not cry at birth as normal children do,

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Ponni is a 37 years old mother who is bringing up her special child single-handedly. Ponni suffered with high fever during her pregnancy which appears to have affected her child.

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Girija Sriram, is the mother of 30 year old Aishwarya, who lives with autism. “30 years ago there was absolutely no information on this condition, so I admitted my daughter in a normal school”, she says

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Vivekalakshmi is the 50 year old mother of Ramu who is 25 years old. Ramu is mentally challenged and hyperactive with a 90% disability prognosis. He is the only child as his parents decided not to have more children.

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Arunambigai is 46 years old. Her first son is mentally challenged but she has worked hard to educate him. With special education he was soon able to join a normal school through the open schooling system.

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Thilagavathy is 55 years old. Her first child was mentally challenged and passed away in a few years. She had two boys after that and both were mentally challenged.

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Thilagavathy D

[Mother of 2 special children, and one of the 15 Special Mom Finalists]


quoteupI never imagined that I would be recognized for my role as mother to a ‘special’ child. Who would even think to do this? I am humbled and so grateful that Sri Arunodayam helped me see my own worth… quotedown

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Dr. Sumithra Shanmugham

[President of the Tamil Nadu Woman Doctors Association; Recipient of the Best Woman Doctor and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Dr. MGR Medical University]


quoteupI thank the Sri Arunodayam team for giving me this rare opportunity of sharing my views with the Special Moms who are stressed and really need mental support… quotedown

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Niranjan Arcot

[Film Creative Consultant, Chennai]


quoteupFor Special Moms at the awards evening, all doubts would have been vanquished forever. Because, they themselves would never have realized the magnitude of the nobility they have achieved so silently and selflessly … quotedown

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Marie Mills

[An Australian Medical Professional and a Volunteer]


quoteupNo mother wants to relinquish the child she has given birth to. Poverty, lack of knowledge, guilt, judgements, discrimination – all impact on mothers to relinquish their differently-abled children. Disability remains a misunderstood issue… quotedown

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Nanda Kumar Nagarajan

[A software professional for over two decades, and one of Sri Arunodayam’s Trustees]


quoteupBrilliant! Kudos to the team that worked behind the scenes for months to mark a special day for the Special Moms and a special event for Sri Arunodayam! … quotedown

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