2017 ‘Special Mom’ Forum

Our Forum of Special Moms met for the first time on December 16, 2017. The Forum was officially launched by Mr. Joseph Ravi – the District Differently Abled Welfare Officer, Chennai. In an all-day program from 10.30 am to 4.00 pm, leading professionals in their fields took sessions that were tailored to cover issues faced by families of ‘special’ children.
The sessions included:

  • Government Policy & Schemes for the Disabled – conducted by Mr. Joseph Ravi – District Differently Abled Welfare Officer (DDAWO), Chennai
  • Government Resources & Entitlements for the Disability Sector – conducted by Mrs. Sheeba, Speech Therapist & Audiologist, State Resource Training Center (SRTC)
  • Women’s Health and Stress Management – conducted by Dr. Sumitra, President of the Tamil Nadu Woman Doctors Association
  • Psychiatric Disorders in Mental Retardation – conducted by Dr. Mythiri Manoharan, a leading Psychiatrist from Kilpauk Medical Hospital
  • Legal Counsel concerning Wills & Probates – conducted by our Founder Iyyappan Subramaniyan who is also an Advocate

Picture Gallery

Launching the Forum

Priceless Knowledge-Sharing Sessions

Lunch & Networking

Parallel Sessions for Children

Mr. Joseph Ravi

[District Differently Abled Welfare Officer (DDAWO), Chennai]


quoteupProjects like these are truly inspirational and that’s why I’m inaugurating them. I assure Sri Arunodayam and the Special Moms of all the assistance that my Department and I can provide them. I am happy to be part of transformative programs like these. quotedown

Mr. Iyyappan Subramaniyan

[Sri Arunodayam’s Founder & Managing Trustee]


quoteupThe Special MOM Forum is a unique space for mothers of special children. It brings them together to collectively fight for their children’s rights and welfare. The Forum mitigates the feeling that they are all alone and ensures their due recognition from society. This program has the potential to transform the lives of mothers of special children and ensure that no child is abandoned due to a lack of support and care.quotedown

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