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Mental retardation is generally a life-long condition and cannot be “cured” through medical treatment. But research shows that timely health care, and early intervention education and medical therapies can drastically improve the quality of life and bring down the level of retardation.

Due to a lack of awareness, poor economic conditions, and social stigma, many families in India tend to abandon their mentally challenged children.

In Tamil Nadu, the Cradle Baby scheme (launched in 1992) encourages parents to handover their children to authorized centers instead of abandoning them. This is a good move by the Government and till date, we’ve received 64 children through this scheme.


Many NGOs in Tamil Nadu serve mentally challenged children. But they function mainly as day care centers or as a support service.

Sri Arunodayam is one among the very few that actually accommodates such children, abandoned by their biological parents, providing round-the-clock care.

Beyond providing food, clothing and shelter, our rehabilitation process involves academically and vocationally training the children based on their abilities, and  lovingly integrating them into society at their own pace. As we accept children with all types of mental disability, our set up is unique, but this increases our responsibility manifold.


Recently, a Chennai High Court Judge  directed a petitioner to donate funds to Sri Arunodayam as a precondition for his anticipated bail.

This move indicates a new and positive trend in government policy towards the marginalized.

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It’s so important to spread the good news today especially in a world that reels daily under crises of epic proportions – mostly, man-made. Yet, through it all, wonderful things are still happening… a lot of good is being done by ordinary people and little known organizations around the world.  There are truly worthy causes to support, and compassion and love to share with those most in need. Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

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