There are many programs to sponsor and many ways to do it!

We have a “Repair, Reuse and Recycle” policy, where we accept donations in cash or kind – vehicles, furniture, clothing, household gadgets, vessels, equipment and just about anything else you care to contribute, which could make life easier for our children. Nothing is wasted.

Here are some sponsorship packages to choose from. Or you may want to give us a one-time gift of any amount, which will be much appreciated.

Please also visit our Wish Tree page! We asked the children what they wanted to have the most. Their requests are up on this tree awaiting kind donors.


For 106 children

Sponsor a Meal


One of the easiest things to do is to feed a deserving person. And it doesn’t take much effort to accomplish because we can make it happen!

[Breakfast at Rs. 2500/-; Lunch at Rs. 3500/-; Dinner at Rs. 2500/-]

Sponsor Vegetarian Meals for an Entire Day


Why not celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries and other special days with our children by sponsoring their meals for an entire day?

[Rs. 8500/-]

Sponsor Vegetables for a Day


Children need a healthy, high fibre diet that keeps their digestive systems  functioning well. When digestion is good there is better overall health.

[Rs. 1500/-]

Sponsor an Evening Snack


They are children afterall and love to nibble on snacks (especially during the long break between lunch and dinner). Make it a healthy one for them!

[Rs. 1500/-]

Sponsor a Cup of Milk a Day


Milk is so essential for children to build healthy teeth, bones and immunity. It’s a primary food that no child should be deprived of.

[Rs. 1000/-]

Sponsor a Monthly Recreational Outing


All children love holidays and picnics. Your gift will ensure that our children are taken out on a picnic once every month!

[Rs. 10000/-]

A One-Time Donation towards Child Welfare


By now, you know all about our children. You also know all that we are doing to make them stay healthy and happy. You could pick from the sponsorship options alongside or consider giving a one-time gift.

For a Child

Living Expenses for a Month


You could choose to focus on a single child and contribute towards its living expenses – food, clothing, and special education – which will be taken care of for a month, with this package.

[Rs. 3000/-]

Sponsor a Dress


Children love to dress up! It makes them feel special. On a child’s birthday, sponsor a new dress and make him or her happy!

[Rs. 1000/-]

Diapers for a Month


This is a very critical need. We have over 35 children who have to use diapers. Keeping them scrupulously clean will help them stay heathy. Consider sponsoring this essential need.

[Rs. 1000/-]

Special Education Training for a Month


You can help a child learn a new skill! By sponsoring this package you are enabling a child become more self-reliant, which is crucial to its rehabilitation and development.

[Rs. 1000/-]

Psychiatric Medicines for a Month


Many of our children have Down’s Syndrome, and others suffer with epilepsy, fits and convulsions. They need life-saving medications! Do consider contributing towards this essential cause.

[Rs. 1000/-]

Physiotherapy Treatment for the Month


It is essential that children like ours get physiotherapy everyday. The more the workouts, the better the chances of them becoming more mobile and self-reliant. Help a child get independent quickly.

[Rs. 1000/-]

Sponsor an Annual Checkup


By virtue of their disabilities, some of our children have to be frequently screened to ensure that potentially fatal illnesses can be detected in time. By sponsoring an annual checkup for a child, you are helping save a life!

[Rs. 3000/-]

Special Projects

Sponsor a Cow


The situation:

We buy fresh milk everyday for 106 children. This costs a whopping Rs. 25000/- a month! Although we approached several government-affiliated milk vendors  for more competitive pricing, we are still being charged these rates.

How you can help:

Sponsoring a cow helps in many ways.

  • The children will benefit from fresh, wholesome cows milk  – which isn’t watered down!
  •  Animals provide good occupational therapy for our bigger children. They can be taught to milk and maintain the cow. The dung can be used as manure on our farm and for our vermiculture projects.
  • We will be able to transfer our milk fund towards more critical projects – such as upgrading our medical care unit, or increasing our infrastructure to accomodate more chidren.

[Required: Rs. 55,000/-]

Sponsor a Physiotherapist


The situation:

In an organization like ours, the more physiotherapists we have, the better. Physiotherapy is one of our most crucial rehabilitation tools, without which, our children have no chance of getting back on their feet and becoming self-reliant. The ideal ratio is 1:5, i.e. 1 physiotherapist to 5 children in a day’s treatment. This ensures that the child receives adequate personal attention. 30 of our children require daily physiotheraphy, but with just two therapists, the going is slow.

How you can help:

By sponsoring a physiotherapist’s salary for a month, or a year, we can get more professionals to help with our child development program. This translates to:

  • Less interruption to a child’s development regimen
  • More personalized attention
  • Quicker rehabilitation and self-reliance

[Required: Rs. 15,000/-]

Sponsor a Speech Therapist


The situation:

Mentally challenged children have special need of a speech therapist. They need to be able to converse and relate to people around them so that they don’t end up feeling isolated. But, the length of time spent in speech therapy depends on  the severity of the problem and the frequency and consistency of therapy. Speech therapists are difficult to retain especially on minimal government funding. Besides, donors more often prefer to fund for basic amenities – food, clothing and shelter – rather than for sustainable programs such as this one.

How you can help:

By sponsoring a speech therapist’s salary for a month, or a year, you’ll be helping our children improve their ability to communicate with others and develop better social skills, which will increase  their level of self-esteem and make them more self-reliant.

[Rs. 20,000/-]

Sponsor Cerebral Palsy (CP) Chairs


The situation:

If you’ve tried feeding a child afflicted with CP, you’ll understand what an ordeal meal time can become – both for the child and for the care giver. The care giver must find a way to make the child comfortable, which can be quite a challenge, due to its body contortion. Meal time could become a time of terrible discomfort for the child. We  want to make all their experiences – including feeding – pleasant.

How you can help:

We need around 30 CP chairs – because that’s the number of severely disabled children in our home. The other 70 have mild to severe forms of retardation but are atleast partially mobile. A CP chair

  • Provides excellent external support for children with inadequate postural control of their neck, head, and trunk
  • Helps support the child comfortably so that it experiences less pain/discomfort
  • Can ultimtely correct a child’s posture, with regular use

[Required: Rs. 15,000/-]


Sponsor an Industrial-Grade Washing Machine


The situation:

Children must be kept clean and healthy to prevent any outbreak of disease. One of the ways to do this is to ensure that they have freshly laundered clothes.  Due to the nature of their disability, several of our children lack bladder control and tend to soil their clothes frequently. If not kept scrupulously clean, they can easily fall ill, especially the ones that are immobile.

How you can help:

Manually washing the clothes of 106 children each day is both a  back-breaking and laborious task. If not washed well, the children are at risk of disease. The only way we can ensure that this job is truly well done is to automate the activity. An industrial-grade washing machine will help us overcome this challenge.

[Required: Rs. 6,00,000/-]

Sponsor an Electric Generator


The situation:

Due to the nature of their disability, our children tend to fall ill easily and require constant medical supervision. We have an emergency medical center for the critically ill who need to be on oxygen or other lifesaving equipment.

Summer is a notorious time for illness and disease. Children tend to break out with diseases like chickenpox, mumps, measles, and also suffer from dehydration. This is exacerbated by the frequent power cuts in our area, (especially in the heat of summer), which brings much suffering to our little ones.

How you can help:

In a hot and humid climate like ours, an Electric Generator will help us keep functioning despite the power cuts. It can keep the fans and cooling equipment running so that the children don’t suffer or contact summertime diseases.

[Required: Rs. 2,40,000/- ]

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