Introducing our Special Moms!

We are happy to announce the 15 finalists of our ‘Special Mom’ Award this year.

What an incredible time it’s been! From the time we announced the award last year, applications kept pouring in. Such edifying experiences, and such incredible women! Each story is unique and therefore, incomparable.  But, pick we must…. so, here are

Our 15 Finalists

  1. Arunambigai A – Mother of Kishore Kumar (22 years) and Kumaran (18 years) – Chennai
  2. Nasim Banu A – Mother of Nabisha Abdul (16 years) and Hawabi Abdul (16 years) – Chennai
  3. Meenakshi T – Mother of Pradeepan (14 years) – Coimbatore
  4. Vivekalakhmi A – Mother of Ramu (25 years) – Cuddalore
  5. Shankaragomathy S – Mother of Karankumar (15 years) and Elizhalrasi (17 years) – Chennai
  6. Nagalakshmi B – Mother of Sivaraj (16 years) and Nataraj (16 years) – Chennai
  7. Ponni S – Mother of Thilaga (12 years) – Chennai
  8. Karpagam S – Mother of Sridhar (25 years) – Thiruvallur
  9. Valli B – Mother of Lakhsmi (21 years) – Chennai
  10. Thilagavathy D – Mother of Vasanthakumar (24 years) and Madan (21 years) – Kanchipuram
  11. Girija Sriram – Mother of Aishwarya (35 years) – Chennai
  12. Nagaraja Velammal K – Mother of Veera Bagu (12 years) and Meena (7 years) – Tirunelveli
  13. Amuda A – Mother of Yuvetha (22 years) – Chennai
  14. Hemalatha M – Mother of Karthikeyan (23 years) – Chennai
  15. Jamuna S – Mother of Vignesh (21 years) – Thiruvallur

What’s the 15:15:15 campaign about?

This is our 15th year of service to abandoned ‘special’ children – the perfect time to launch a program of this caliber!

On May 14, 2017 (Mother’s Day), our 15 finalists will be honored in a Special Award Ceremony and will receive

  • a Certificate of Excellence in Parenting
  • a cash award of INR 15,000 each
  • a Special Lifetime Pass that entitles them to support services from Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust

What’s our Special Lifetime Pass?

Our Special Lifetime Pass has been carefully thought out to provide a lifetime of benefits and free services for truly deserving Special Moms.

  • Each year’s 15 finalists will be given access to regular training programs and workshops with materials to help them learn more and advance in their caregiving abilities.
  • We are establishing a network where all finalists can collaborate, learn, share and leverage services and support through the Special Mom Forum or sisterhood, where they will be able to enjoy hope for themselves, their children and their families through group advocacy, awareness, support and relevant programs that address their particular issues.
  • Understanding their anxiety concerning the future of their ‘special’ children on their demise, we offer finalists the option to appoint Sri Arunodayam as the custodian and official guardian of their ‘special’ children. Sri Arunodayam will network with peer organizations and enable a safe haven for these children on their parent’s demise.


We are so proud of you!

Thank you for inspiring us by your courage and endurance and setting a perfect example for all to follow.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your family at the event.

Event Details

By Invitation Only

May 14, 2017
5.30 pm onwards (followed by Dinner)

New Woodlands Hotel,

Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai,

Mylapore, Chennai

Program Coordinators

Jayachitra – 9884307815

Pandi – 9962280036


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