Introducing our Special Moms for 2018!

We are happy to announce the 15 finalists of our ‘Special Mom’ Award this year.

What an incredible time it’s been! From the time we announced the award last year, applications kept pouring in. Such edifying experiences, and such incredible women! Each story is unique and therefore, incomparable. But, pick we must…. so, here are

Our 15 Finalists

  1. Vedavalli V – Mother of Suresh (31 years), Kasthuri (30 years), and Prakash (29 years) – Chennai
  2. Jayara – Mother of Imran (20 years) and Jamalia (18 years) – Chennai
  3. Kanniselvi G – Mother of Esaki Muthu (22 years) and Megala (18 years) – Chennai
  4. Krishnaveni G – Mother of Gokula Krishnan (37 years) and Likesh Sharma (31 years) – Chennai
  5. Senthamil Selvi B – Mother of Dinesh (28 years) and Balu (25 years) – Chennai
  6. Usharani – Mother of Shanmugapriyano (23 years) and Padma Priya (20 years) – Chennai
  7. Vishali Kemisetti – Mother of Mallika (14 years) and Madhulika (8 years) – Warangal, Telangana
  8. Anuradha K – Mother of Leelavathi (20 years) – Chennai
  9. Kalaiselvi – Mother of Vasantha Kumar (17 years) – Cuddalore
  10. Kamala V – Mother of Gokul (32 years) – Chennai
  11. Lalitha Devi Chima Kurthi – Mother of Bharathkumar (22 years) – Ongole, Andhra Pradesh
  12. Meera Balachander – Mother of Krishna (41 years) – Chennai
  13. Murugeshwari T – Mother of Divya (23 years) – Madurai
  14. Premavathi Bai – Mother of Megala (37 years) – Kumbakonam
  15. Sharadha Devi – Mother of Ganeshkumar (31 years) – Chennai

They will receive

  1. A Certificate of Excellence, and a special Trophy
  2. A Cash Award of INR 15,000/- each
  3. A special Gift Hamper
  4. A Special Lifetime Pass* entitling them to a host of free support services from Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust

[A detailed report on the 2017 event along with touching videos of finalists’ stories, is available at:]

What’s our *Special Lifetime Pass?

Our Special Lifetime Pass has been carefully thought out to provide a lifetime of benefits and free services to the finalists and their children. Finalists automatically become members of our ‘Special Mom Forum’ – a project aimed at empowering them through joint collaboration and knowledge sharing. Such empowerment will help them become powerful agents of change in society.
Through the Forum, finalists can expect

  • Access to Free Trainings: They will be invited to regular training programs and workshops conducted by professionals in the field of caregiving for ‘special’ children. These workshops are sponsored by Sri Arunodayam but will be free for the mothers and their ‘special’ children. They will be able to learn the latest techniques in caregiving, which will benefit both mother and child.
  • Free short duration stays for their ‘special’ children in an emergency: The mothers are entitled to leave their ‘special’ children in our care for limited periods of time when they may be required to travel out of station and have no one to take care of their children during those times.
  • Sri Arunodayam as Legal Guardian: We understand the anxiety that parents face concerning the future of their ‘special’ children, on their demise. Provided that no extended family member is willing to care for their special children, Sri Arunodayam offers them the option to appoint us as custodian and legal guardian of their children. In event of demise, we will network with peer organizations and enable a safe home for their children.


We are so proud of you!

Thank you for inspiring us by your courage and endurance and setting a perfect example for all to follow.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your family at the event.

Event Details

By Invitation Only

May 13, 2018
5.30 pm onwards (followed by Dinner)

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,

No. 6, Kilpauk Garden Road,

Kilpauk, Chennai 600 010

Program Coordinators

Jayachitra – 9884307815

Udayakumar – 9962930037


To make it easy to donate for sponsors outside India, we have a ‘Special Mom Award’ project page which provides details on this program. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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