Help us build a new home for abandoned girls!

The little girl you see in the banner is Angel, an intellectually challenged child living with hydrocephalus – a dangerous condition in which fluid accumulates in the brain, enlarging the head and sometimes causing brain damage. Angel was abandoned when she was just 3 months old.

Angel is one of the lucky few who are rescued and taken off our dangerous streets each day by a network of child rescue organizations.

But not all are as fortunate as she was to make it to a home like ours. Many little ones are quickly taken off the radar by unscrupulous trafficking gangs and are never heard of again!

It has become quite dangerous for a female child today. Incidences of abuse and violence against women, girls and even infants have increased manifold. Against a backdrop of extreme ideologies, hate crimes, intolerance and the exploitation of the poor, the oppression of the girl child (or any child for that matter) cannot be overstated!

Why Invest in this project?

There are very few homes for abandoned intellectually challenged girls today because looking after them is hugely challenging on several fronts, and not many want to assume this life-long responsibility.

But, we do! Our heart is in the right place – bolstered by a strong vision and mission to rescue and rehabilitate as many abandoned intellectually challenged children as we can.

However, we’ve reached full capacity and it pains us to turn new admissions away just for lack of infrastructure because we have both the will and the capacity to provide this humanitarian service.

That’s why we appeal to you to help fund this worthy cause!

The Plan

We have a plot of land situated on the shore of a lake, which is large enough for a ground plus one building that can accommodate around 100 children.

This will be fully furnished with special education class rooms, physiotherapy rooms, a medical unit, a vocational training center, dormitories, restrooms, pantry and dining rooms.

A little garden will provide a refreshing recreation space for the girls.

70% Complete


of target ₹2, 50, 00, 000
by 12 supporters.


Construct a new home for the life-long care, protection and rehabilitation of 100 abandoned intellectually challenged little girls.

Construction Cost

Total : ₹2,50,00,000/-

Per sq.ft : ₹2500/-

Help build this home a square foot at a time!

Or choose any amount you are comfortable giving.

If you prefer to donate in currencies other than INR, please donate via our GlobalGiving Project Page.



Many kind people offered to help us spread the word, for which we are incredibly grateful. If you would like a copy of this poster to put up at your School, College or work-spot, do call our office at the numbers below.


A detailed presentation deck on the plan is available on request. Please drop us an email.

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