Special Mom Award 2019

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On May 13, 2018 (Mother’s Day), many of you joined us in honoring 15 deserving mothers of intellectually disabled children, at a special awards ceremony.

In our work with such children, we are constantly reminded of the divine role of parents – especially mothers, in the healthy upbringing and development of their children. A mother’s role is truly precious, and more especially in the life of a defenceless, intellectually disabled child.

Applications for the 2019 Special Mom Award are now open as we commence our search once again for 15 deserving mothers, particularly those left to fend for themselves and their intellectually disabled children. Such mothers truly deserve our support and respect, yet they are often misunderstood, discriminated against, and judged.

The 15 finalists will be given a cash prize of INR 15000/- each, special gifts and recognitions, and access to a lifetime of free special services – unmatched in the NGO sector till date.

More details on how we plan to honor them on Mother’s Day (May 12, 2019) will be updated soon. In the meanwhile, here’s a recap of our 2018 Special Mom Award ceremony. We hope you are inspired to join this worthy cause.

Watch this space for more!

Who qualifies

  • Mothers of MR/intellectually disabled children

Qualification criteria

  • The MR child must be at least 10 years’ old and above
  • The child must be in the direct care of the mother/family
  • Mothers with children in Day Care centers may apply
  • Entry is not open to mothers who have put their children in residential homes
  • Deserving mothers from rural areas can apply through a nominator who can fill in the Nomination Form on their behalf

How to apply

  1. If you meet the qualification criteria, please download the nomination form alongside.
  2. The filled in form must be accompanied by a copy of the following documents and either emailed to sactawards@sriarunodayam.org or posted to our office address given at the bottom of this page.
  • Your child’s Birth Certificate
  • Your child’s National Identity Card
  • Your Ration Card, Voters ID Card, Aadhar Card (Provide at least 2 of these)
  • Marriage Certificate or a Letter from your village officer (if available)
  • Day Care Center letter (if appropriate)
  • Pictures of you and your child

Please do not submit incomplete forms as they will not be considered. For those filing the nomination on behalf of the mother, please ensure that you have all the necessary documents in place before applying.

Changing mindsets

We can all play a part in changing society for the better! Let’s put a stop to the judgement and discrimination against families of intellectually disabled children in our communities. Begin by offering help. For example: try befriending and reaching out to such families in your community and help them find organizations like Sri Arunodayam who can help them. There’s no telling how our own lives can become enriched with a new sense of purpose as we engage in worthy causes like this.

Let’s remember that money isn’t always the answer. Most often these families just require a reliable and affirming support structure to make a turnaround! If we each do our bit, we can help them and thus begin changing society from within.

Program Timelines

December 12, 2018 :
Nominations for 2019 open via our website.

February 12, 2019  :
Nominations close and preparations begin for the selection and verification of the 15 finalists.
A Selection Committee will review all applications and shortlist the candidates.
A Verification Authority will verify and authenticate the finalists.

March 1, 2019  :
The finalists will be announced on our website.

May 12, 2019 (Mother’s Day) :
The Special Mom Award program at which awardees and their families will receive:

  1. Special recognition and a Certificate of Excellence in Parenting
  2. A cash award of INR 15,000 each
  3. A Special Lifetime Pass entitling them to free support services from Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust
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